19 October 2014

Olivier & Jens of Team Abide ride the 'peaks

Jens Frederickx and Olivier Sels made the trip from Belgium to ride the race - both of them for the first time. Both singlespeeders, too. They had the best support vehicle ever, too. Run to the Hills, run for your lives..!

Team Abide rides 3 Peaks from Tommeke Watdoetgenu on Vimeo.

09 October 2014

3 Peaks: the hardest cyclocross race in the world? Stev Thomas on Cyclingtips

I just chanced upon this from September 2013 - 3 Peaks: the hardest cyclocross race in the world? on the Aussie cyclingtips website

As the wind continued to howl and the rain turned sideways in last year’s race, Rob Jebb rode out of the mist to take his ninth 3 Peaks victory, this time with a massive 11-minute winning margin. It had been one of the toughest editions ever of this great race, and a fitting 50th anniversary battle, as well as an end of an era – Rawnsley retired as race organiser.
Some really nice pics there too from Steve Thomas

Neal Crampton's Peak Performance and Ed McParland's successful debut

After 2-13 disappointment, former podium finisher Neal Crampton turned out another excellent ride this year for 4th place
It is 6:30 am, its dark and I’m in the garden changing tyres. It is also the morning of the three peaks cyclo cross. At 3 am that morning (having woken up after another bout of cold sweats and pointy rock shaped nightmares), I’d made the decision to go back to the faithful Schwalbe Landcruisers. After last year's puncture induced DNF I definitely didn’t want a re-run.
Read the blog post here A Peak Performance

07 October 2014

Simon Fell Gopro from TechBytes

This is a great  thing to watch if you were a competitor, and if you weren't, it's possiblky worse than watching paint dry.

Tip: If on a desktop device, click 'Settings' then set speed to 0.5 - then you get real time and you can be STUNNED by the gaps

Oh, and Rob 'running' is obviously just a special video effect. So don't worry.

06 October 2014

Simon Scarsbrook: up, down, up, down, up, down, rest!

No ... he's not making the new Carry On film.
The final peak, Pen-Y-Ghent, is a great leveller (!). It’s here where we descend the same track we go up on, and the first time, fittingly at the end, where you come face to face with the riders you have been battling for the past 3 hours or so. I had missed the leaders coming down, a sure sign I wasn't on for my fastest time, but lots of support from walkers and spectators found me my climbing legs.
Simon Scarsbrook's final blog of the 2014 race is online here on Cycling Weekly

05 October 2014

Andy Holden's 257 2014 photos on Flickr

Andy Holden's good enough for the Countryfile Calendar, and he's good enough for us.

Some great pics here Three Peaks Cyclocross 2014 - an album on Flickr

Manning Up (Ingleborough)

Cyclocrossrider had five riders in the race this year.  Here's Konrad's blog.

Drinking is a priority on the long road section to the foot of Whernside and I forgave the opportunity of riding with a fast group to conserve some energy and not get too carried away. Whernside is probably the hardest of the three mountains, both to climb and descend, and if you are on for a bad day you will start to feel it here. I was losing places on the climb, but kept putting one foot in front of the other as sweat started running into my eyes. Conditions for the race were perfect with no wind and temperatures in the teens and pressed up against the vertical stone staircase of Whernside with a bike on your shoulder can be quite claustrophobic.
Read in full here THE THREE PEAKS is "So damn hard" and here is a seat-mounted cam from Konrad Manning's Ingleborough ascent (edited by Benedict Campbell).

Richie Hodges visits the Dales

Read Richie's blog here

Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross Race an event that I used to read about way back in the days of Eric Stone and John Atkins. I was a young cyclo-crosser from the South East competing on Saturdays and Sundays in the late seventies. The allure of that race was great but I was still a schoolboy racer so it was not to be. All these years later and my friend John was having his fiftieth birthday the day after competing in this years event. I arranged to fly over from Ireland and we drove to the event and slept in his van. The day arrived and the race was on, all I had to do was to go to two different spots on a spare bike and give him his water and gels. 
 ...including this short video


04 October 2014

Three Peaks Cyclocross Provides Another Great Weekend of Triple Mountain Climbing: Full Results and Video - Cyclocross Magazine - Cyclocross News, Races, Bikes, Photos, Videos

Cyclocross Magazine's website posted a good report this year. Three Peaks Cyclocross Provides Another Great Weekend of Triple Mountain Climbing:

This year’s edition was won comfortably by Rob Jebb of Hope Factory Racing. Rob recently represented Great Britain at the Mountain Running World Championships and he used his exceptional running ability to get ahead on the first and steepest climb. From there he was able to hold the gap on the technical descents and win for the eleventh time. I spoke to the Rob after the race and asked if he had tried to beat his old course record in the great conditions, “No. I had a couple of punctures today, and I was 26, 27 when I set the old record. I knew it was perfect conditions today, and I’ve got better bikes than I did then, but I’m just not strong enough now.”

Rob Jebb wins historic 11th Three Peaks title (From The Westmorland Gazette)

Don't let ROb convince you he's a Yorkshireman.  He tries to convince himself. But nobody would choose to live in Cumbria rather than Yorkshire unless they thought the North West was just a nicer place.

Here's Rob's local paper the Westmorland Gazette reporting on his 11th victory

Jebb said: "It was quite nice considering when I first set out I would have been happy to just win one. I'm satisfied with the win because there's a lot of pressure - you know you are the race favourite and you have sponsors to keep happy. They even brought over a Swiss professional this year so that makes you try a bit more."
Rob Jebb wins historic 11th Three Peaks title (From The Westmorland Gazette)