20 August 2014

Coming of Age: Simon Scarsbrook's 18th bash


Any keen students of the entries list in the programme every year will see that Simon Scarsbrook's one of those guys who's not new to this race.  2014 will be 52 year-old Simon's 18th entry in the 'Peaks.  Simon's blog here on the Cycling Weekly site shows he's lacking some of the enthusiasm of previous years.
This year feels different though, with just over five weeks to go, I am looking forward to it, my level of fitness is ‘middling to good’ (probably erring on the middle!) but I am missing the ‘zest’ of previous years, and I can’t quite put my finger on it. My darkest thought being that at 50 years of age, maybe it is time to bow out?
... and this despite him regaining his mojo last year an all...

You can chivvy Simon along and remind him that there is only one race in the world that counts here  by emailing simon_scarsbrook@freelance.ipcmedia.com

01 July 2014

Countdown from Ed Sarmiento

I missed this one from May - Cyclocross Magazine's Ed Sarmiento starts his 2014 countdown and gets in the mood early with the tough Scotton 100km sportive

27 June 2014

3 Peaks series: Crossjunkie on Planet X Website

Alan Crossjunkie Dorrington's started a series of articles int he build up to this year's 3 Peaks on the Planet X Bikes website. This first installment takes a look at Peaks training, particularly for those who may have not yet ridden the race.

Read here on the Planet X site

24 March 2014

3 x 3 Peaks winners in one photo - 1970, Zolder

Thanks to 'peaks legend Barry Davies who kindly sent in this little gem from the archives of Cycling Weekly.   The photo is of himself, John Atkins and Eric Stone - at the 1970 world championships on Zolder, Belgium.

The three of won between them eleven of the 3 Peaks Cyclocross events between 1969 and 1982!

17 March 2014

It's cycling, it's Yorkshire, and it's NOT the 3 Peaks Cyclocross - SAMBA VELO

Yes - I know. Weird. There's another event of some sort taking place in Yorkshire in July where the riders will race around Yorkshire but stay on roads all the time and not carry their bikes. There's also this footie thing happening in Brazil, which is in the south somewhere. So Russ Jones and the regular 3 peaks guys at Hackney GT designed a new cycling shirt.   Get yours.

Here's their low-down



Summer 2014 really is going to be a sporting bonanza. The Le Grand Depart for the tour de France is in Yorkshire and oh yes there are some football matches going on in Brazil . At Hackney GT of course we have more than a penchant for cycling, like nothing more than to ride the Yorkshire dales and race the annual 3 Peaks cyclo-cross race. With regards Brazil we love the music and many of its cultural attributes .

So this year if any it had to be the year to marry up the 'Land of Samba' with a celebratory cycle jersey, ‘Samba Velo’. Brazilian motifs and colours, bright, bold and playful. Not a football jersey but definitely to be seen in on and off the bike wether up north watching ‘Le Tour’ or in Rio to see the ‘beautiful game’.

Available online from www.hackneygt.com and at selected local stores. RRP £59.95. More details are available from Hackney GT. Sample products are available upon request as are hi-res photos.

In addition and harking back to our roots Hackney GT will be at the London Coffee Festival

4th - 6th April hosting the live music stage with three days of live music and djs. There will also be a HGT trade stand.

On-line store at www.hackneygt.com
For further contact russ@hackneygt.com or 07956387559

27 November 2013

Edwin Oliver-Evans - "crazy", "mad" and "dangerous"

I missed this blog post - thanks to "Terrible Tim" for bringing it to my attention...

Edwin Oliver-Evans' second ride in the 'peaks saw an improvement of some 30 minutes on the nasty 2012 race - and narrowly missing an Elite certificate on his way to the U23 podium. Experience will pay off soon for this rising young rider. But not on Simon Fell in 2013.

"I came over the summit of Simon's Fell [sic] thinking to see a helpful marshal to take my dibber, but no. I was faced with Simon Fell's big brother, Ingleborough.  How did I forget that from last year?!"

Read Edwin's blog here

29 October 2013

2008 article for Cyclocross Magazine

Just been going through some old bits of filing on the shelf and found the article I did for Cyclocross Magazine in 2008. Scanned for your reading pleasure now... here

23 October 2013

A long and winding roadfull

I make that exactly 90 seconds from front of peloton to rear of peloton. After about 200 metres of the race.

Not quite 'Go On Ian' stuff, but

... there was a few little offs at Cole Cotes this year. Turn the sound down - it's a bit windy

18 October 2013

John North - tribute in Lancashire Telegraph

1980 3 Peaks winner John North, who sadly passed away last Friday at the age of 70, after a battle with Parkinson's Disease, is paid a tribute here in the Lancashire Telegraph.