22 September 2005

Classic 3P vids now on DVD

Fridge Productions
, who made three really good quality films of the three peaks a few years ago (but had to stop as they were losing money... boooOO!) have now reissued the 3 Peaks films on DVD. The 2002 one is well worth it just for the helmet cam shots - poor cameraman!! They also made this animation of the route.

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Fridge Productions said...

Yes, it's true that the previous videos are now available on DVD.

They contain some additional images and are also available in NTSC (US-based format).

This is to coincide with a film of my attempt to commerate (or perhaps commiserate) the passing of my 40 years. Either way I was in good company as Chris Young also joined the Veteran's category. Although, he faired far better than me.

The new film will be available soon and follows my first attempt at the race and includes footage taken from various points around the bike as I negotiated the humps and bumps of the Yorkshire Dales.

I was unable to return to the race this year (2005) as I lacked a support crew. Both Paul, my chief motorcycle rider and Richard my 2002 competitor/cameraman were holidaying in sunny Majorca with their respective families.

Instead, I chose to stand in the rain and marshall the new route at Ribblehead.

It's true the races were expensive to cover and would take 2 months to complete from pre-production to final completion.

During the past couple of years some other companies have been interested in covering the event, but were perhaps not as dedicated to cyclo-cross and looked at it from a purely commercial viewpoint. Something we didn't set out to do, being cycling fans ourselves. As Producer, I wanted to film something that I myself wanted to see on my TV that basically wasn't being picked-up by the TV companies.

I'm dissapointed the race hasn't been covered in recent years by the broadcasters. It's long overdue. In the past I approached TransWorld International, Eurosport and Yorkshire/Granda TV, but they didn't seem to have any idea of the sport and suppose looked upon it as niche.

We built up a crew of 12 personnel to film the 2002 event - using 9 cameras (1 mounted on Richard's cycling helmet). I felt this was the ideal number to do the race justice and the organisers gave me and my crew complete access which helped a great deal.

All the equipment has to be acquired and the crew fed, watered, fuelled and housed (in that order). With 2 or 3 pubs in Ingleton the costs would soon mount up. However, the reason we've called a halt is mainly due to other commitments and because my crew, having built up a tremendous amount of knowledge are now working on other projects. It was also felt that without a break, the films could become a little formulaic and perhaps stale.

I'm sure we will return one day soon to document this unique Northern spectacle. Perhaps from a new angle, for an in-depth study of the race, it's organisers and competitors.

Certainly, the films generate a great deal of interest and curiosity when they've been screened at festivals Worldwide. Particularly at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival, where they've played to numerous packed houses.

People like to see others "suffer", especially when it's wrapped up in good old Northern charm. Roger Ingham's commentary always goes down well, but I'm not sure what they make of it in the Czech Republic and Italy ...

If you've never seen the films, then check out the video web downloads on our site. There is a new clip from each of the three main films. Another will be added from the 2004 film in due course.