24 October 2005

All the way from Mull

A good personal account of the 2005 race here from Davie Graham, who made the trip all the way from the isle of Mull. Forget these US riders... some people really have to travel for AGES.


John Rawnsley-Organiser said...

I enjoyed reading the article by Davie Graham and the photos of the race. I hope Davie returns next year for the race on 24th September.

Entry forms will be available on our website from 1st July, we will then accept the first 350 suitable entries.
Race information and Back Up Vehicle instructions will be downloaded at the same time as the entry form. A list of competitors with their numbers will be on our website when entries close.

Balamory said...

Watch out for next years race, I am bringing a team down with me!!!!The training has started.......