29 September 2005

Louise Robinson in Peak form for victory

Some insight into Louise Robinson's fourth win - as reported in the Huddersfield Daily Examiler.Click here to read about Louise's record breaking (and frame breaking) exploits.

28 September 2005

Hats off to Phil

Phil Haygarth, Okehampton Cycle ClubCan't let this blog go on much longer without a personal well done to my brother Phil who lost a stone and a half in four months just for this race and did it 45 minutes quicker this year - despite the weather. Nice one! Again - another example of this race taking over your life!

Chris Trevellion: Local paper report

Reading CC's Chris Trevellion tells the Reading Evening Post about his 3PCX story.. including a dislocated finger.... ouch.

26 September 2005

2005 Race Report

(Mainly courtesy of British Cycling):
Rob Jebb (Wheelbase / Ron Hill) closed in on Tim Gould's all-time record of six wins with his fifth straight Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross race victory. Jebb's closest rival, for the fourth race in succession was former winner Nick Craig, but once again Jebb's fell-running expertise proved more potent than Craig's all round cycling skills.

Jebb was well clear by the top of the first mountain, Ingleborough and although Craig closed in a little on the more cyclist-friendly second half of the race, Jebb's winning margin was still over three minutes. Craig's Scott team-mate Dave Collins was an impressive third, whilst Geoff Beetham was fourth.

It wasn't one of the fastest races ever - the hills have begun to absord the first of their annual winter deluge of rains and although not significantly boggy, with heavy showers also slowing progress, along with variable visibility on the higher sections, the race was tough enough to test the best.

Louise Robinson, the only woman to have won the race more than twice, took her fourth win in a row, by eight minutes from Heather Dawe, with Isla Rowntree third.

In the men's age categories, John Wilkinson was the first over 40 (and ninth overall) with Ian Holmes second and Chris Young third. First and best first timer was Junior Josh Ibbett in 48th position, just ahead of first over 50 Carl McDonagh in 52nd. Peter Walkington was the first over 60 in 133rd place.

Full Results are here
My more personal account is here

22 September 2005

Bonty rides again

Wheel builder to Lance Armstrong and the Discovery Channel team, Keith Bontrager will ride the 3 Peaks agaain this year. His interview on the Cycling News website from last year's event's a corker.

2004 race - Tom Randall's report

This article by Tom Randall, who finished 11th in 2004 makes good reading...

Classic 3P vids now on DVD

Fridge Productions
, who made three really good quality films of the three peaks a few years ago (but had to stop as they were losing money... boooOO!) have now reissued the 3 Peaks films on DVD. The 2002 one is well worth it just for the helmet cam shots - poor cameraman!! They also made this animation of the route.

Getting things started.

Robert Jebb - winner of the 3 Peaks 2000/02/03/04Thought I'd better deal with this obssession of mine and start a blog for the Three Peaks cyclo-cross. It's something that grabs me by the inside bits of my guts everythime I think about it. There's simply no other sporting event like it, for me. This blog is going to track anything to do with the three peaks cyclo cross from my point of view - including the details of my races there..... it will beg, borrow and steal from all over the shop (that's blogging for you). Jolly good luck to me and this new blog - that's what i say.