04 September 2006

From Hull, going to Hell.

I've just found Dominic Makin's Three Peaks Blog - his own account of preparing for the race for the first time. A truly uplifting, sometimes funny, and sometimes heartbreaking account of the ups and downs of preparing for the challenge of the 'first race'.

"I'm Dominic Makin, 41 and a hairdresser - born in Hull, living in Halifax and going to Hell.....
.... I bought a nice second hand cyclocross bike and headed off for the hills. "

A great read - keep it coming' Dominic, and good luck for the 24th.

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The Haygarth Family said...

Nice one Dominic - I laughed with the training on Kos running up the hill whilst your girlfriend followed on a scooter! I can identify with that sort of creative training.. .keep it up!