15 November 2006

Gasping and grasping: Heather Dawe's account

Second in the women's race this year, Heather Dawe's had an article published on the Planetfear website

"Some of the climbs leave you gasping, pulling on fencelines and tufts of grass to haul upwards as you try and keep the bike steady on your shoulder."

10 November 2006

Race History being logged on official site

John Rawnsley and Keith Parkinson are doing a good job of documenting the History of the Three Peaks. Click here to see th e new area of the official race website, containing for starters an article about Kevin Watson, first person to complete the Three Peaks by bike.

09 November 2006

Electronic Timing for 2007

The latest from organiser John Rawnsley is that the next Three Peaks cyclocross will have electronic timing. This means that the 2007 event will have more detailed breakdown of different sections, like the Three Peaks Fell Race results or sportive rides like the Fred Whitton Challenge.

The use of an electronic 'dibber' is pretty straightforward, although a certain six times winner was'nt too chuffed when I ran the idea by him, saying that wasting five seconds three or four times in the race might not be good if you're going for record attempts. Fair point, but I think he's just not looking forward to finding out how fast I come down Penyghent. Now if only I could get the uphill bits sorted....

01 November 2006

Singletrack Podcast

Mike Ferrentino, former editor of Bike magazinerode the Three Peaks for the first time and seemed to 'enjoy' it with the rest of us. Singletrack World put together a video podcast of the day mainly tracking Mike but with a good focus on a few riders on the mid-Penyghent section.


Other Singletrack (non-3 peaks) podcasts are here.