11 October 2007

Jebb and Bowers tackle the iron cross this weekend

Six times three peaks winner Rob Jebb travels with last year's 5th placed man Stuart Bowers to tackle the USA's tribute to the Three Peaks, the Iron Cross, this weekend.

Iron Cross was hatched because of, and is based on, the Three Peaks Cyclocross. Iron Cross offers a style of 'cross racing much different than burning short laps around the local municipal park. It is an "ultra" style event with a much bigger adventure element than most 'cross contests and should attract all sorts of riders, not just 'cross racers.

Right up their street then. Jebb and Bowers were 3rd and 5th respectively in the super fast first round of the National Trophy in Abergavenny last Sunday, so form is good.

For more information on the race, visit www.yellowbreechesracing.org/ironcross/


chris d said...

Shame to see good training go for naught. Here's hoping they come stateside and have a good rip on the Ironcross. And enjoy it. I'll be on the line, but well behind.

gwadzilla said...


wish I could be there
and I have less to travel


I will be hosting a bit of a monster mash with the kids this weekend in the backyard

will be too busy throwing hay at the kids and cooking on the grill for riding my bike

but next year

the Iron Cross is on my RADAR!

rock the course
I hear it is fantastic fun!