15 October 2007

Rob Jebb's flight: The Iron Cross

News just in from our US correspondent and Iron Cross competitor Chris Dinsmore:

I didn't get any chance to see Jebb fly. He started on the front line and wa
s gone. He did indeed fly, breaking the course record with a 3:35. I think that's at least 10 minutes faster than the previous record. Very impressive.

This is great news for Jebb and a small but significant consolation for the cancellation of this year's
Three Peaks - will try to get some comment from Rob and a report soon, then I promise to get back on topic with the Three Peaks!

UPDATE: Full results now here

Some more pics on these links

ICV, by Chuck Armstrong:
ICV, by Tom Miller - http://tomi.smugmug.com/gallery/3649121#208212122


chris d said...

U.S. correspondent, eh? That's rich. I can't believe Jebb averaged 18mph around that course. Big wow.

Hale said...

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