30 July 2007

Ingleborough weather watch

I can get a good feel for what the Three Peaks weather's like normally because it's only 40 miles to Ingleborough from my place as the crow flies, and if I'm in doubt, I can give my mum a ring... But I just founf the Ingleborough Webcam, which is going to be getting a lot of views from my IP in the final couple of weeks in September.
Thanks to someone on the London Cyclesport Forum for spotting that one... they'll need it more than me but it's a handy resource.

09 July 2007

2007 Entries: unprecedented demand

Filling it in on timeWhatever is behind it, you can't help noticing how the Three Peaks cyclocross race is very special. 400 places available, entries open on 1 July; entries closed within four days; event full.

Check out this thread on the official 3 peaks forum to hear the important debate about the role of selection vs 'first come, first served'.