01 July 2009

Entries online, entries offline.

Well that was fun wasn't it?! Entry form removed due to excessive demand... so it IS a first come, first served event - I'd always been saying it was a RACE and that John and team had to look at the entries and decide who's going to turn up AND make a race of it.

I think it's fair enough to give some credence to those who enter promptly but surely we've got to allow some room to pick and choose who rides?

Oh, and I know of at least one seven times winner who hasn't got to the form in time - and yes - I agree wholeheartedly that John should consider a late entry from him.


cmyk said...

I tend to agree, but what on earth should the criteria be?
Do you say no to a novice first timer and yes to someone else?
Do you pick a keen mountain biker over a road biker?
Do you see what I mean?

I am absolutely gutted to have missed out this year, but I'm sure a lot of more deserving people will get in.

I wouldn't want the job of picking.

Tom Randall said...

It looks like I'll be missing out this year for the first time since '96!

Why has it become so popular all of a sudden?

Looks like the event needs a re-think as getting up at midnight to get an entry is ridiculous - maybe run it over two days with more segregation of categories?

Dave Haygarth said...

Hi Tom

It needn't be the case that you miss out. The homepage of the three peaks site is clear that entries aren't "closed" as such - contact Keith Parkinson there (the webmaster) who will listen to your sob story - as may John Rawnsley.

It's become popular all of a sudden because of the age of communications - like just about all 'special' events that fill up in no time.