17 July 2009

No juniors (yet!) for 2009 race

UPDATE !! COMMENT FROM JOHN 18 07 2009 - TWO JUNIORS NOW ENTERED - the future is safe!

From my own sketchy memory - this is the first year that the event will have no juniors ever - if the current 'latest' list of accepted riders is anything to go by. This is obviously a major shame for a race that seems to boast such enthusiasm.

Fell races seem to be going the same way of late - with the increase in enthusiasm in the more senior end of the population not being matched by enthusiasm in the younger riders.

It's obviously a great shame - maybe the race is shrouded a bit too much in this legend of harshness, danger and difficulty - it puts off today's couch potatoes. Maybe we should bring out a Nintendo Wii version of the Three Peaks Cyclocross that youngsters could safely take part in without going too far outside of their comfort zone.

Let's hope later versions of the entry sheet show a couple of 'ard kids.


JR said...

There are now 2 Juniors on the latest list.


Trepid Explorer said...

It could be a lack of enthusiasm... or it could be a technology issue. Y'know these kids aren't too hot when it comes to good old fashioned snail-mail.

It makes me feel old to remember the days when you had to wait till you were 21 to enter.

Tom Randall said...

I rode the race for the first time as a junior - I was especially scared by the comments of a local I met the day before who made me think I might be lost on the moors forever!
It was a grim and rainy day but I got round and managed to win without even putting my jacket on (and all this as a southerner!)

Anonymous said...

I'm a junior and would like to do the 3pcx. Perhaps a few entries could be reserved for late enty juniors who are disorganised and dont plan or dont know what they might want to do on a certain weekend 3 months down the line. Is there a lower entry fee for juniors/students? As that may encourage more entrants.