07 October 2009

Andy Nicoll's puncture-spoiled race

Bingley's Andy Nicoll had plans for a sub 4hr ride this year, and looked good fot it... until punctures had their way...
This really threw me as I knew I only had hand pump pressure in my back tyre which means that the road section would be slightly slower and I had to tackle Pen-y-Ghent lane on a less then perfect set up.
Sounds like one of those classic tales of heartbreak this race brings on every year... we've all had 'em - poor Andy - next year, eh?

Read his blog post here

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Jason said...

Just to comment on a prior post. The new issue of XXC mag is out with a photo spread and article (which some of you in the U.K. may have seen places already. What an amazing race. Stay tuned for some stuff from Iron Cross soon.