04 October 2009

Two years in... (at least) eight to go.

I've just heard from British Cycling's Web Manager Phil Ingham, who rode his second Three Peaks this year and is well and truly bitten by the bug... already talking of completing ten events...
I first chose to eat a bag of crisps - and don't all email in telling me off for my antiquated re-fueling habits, it works for me - on the downhill section from Cold Cotes to Ingleton and only succeeded in inhaling most of the crisp fragments as the slipstream upended the bag into my face. I then coughed them up for a couple of miles, missing several passing wheels in the process, before finally trying to settle myself down with a drink. I promptly dropped my nearly full bottle and had to stop and retrieve it. Streams of riders seemed to be passing me and I totally lost my rhythm.
Read his great perspective on the British Cycling site here


edward said...

dave when are you and the guys next out on the bike i might come out for a session. Eddie

Dave Haygarth said...

Hi Ed

Drop me a message at http://www.minnellium.com/contact - I can't get your email address from this comment!