27 September 2010

Penyghent and Gill Garth videos AND photos from TheWonkyTripod

Quite a lot of good action captured here on this pair of videos from 'The Wonky Tripod' from Gill Garth PYG lane

Some video slideshows of lots of stills too...
Penyghent | Gill Garth

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Antony said...

I added an extra slideshow from Pen-y-ghent. All the videos are linked from my blog here : http://thefairweathercyclist.wordpress.com/2010/09/27/three-peaks-cyclo-cross-2010/

If anyone spots themselves in the slideshows, email thefairweathercyclist@gmail.com and I will send you the hi-res image.

No more videos for a while. My Pinaccle Studio trial has expired and I haven't decided which editor to buy yet.