04 October 2010

Phil Haygarth's gazillion photos on Flickr

My brother Phil hit the race again this year after a year out and pulled out a good ride.to finish within spitting distance of his PB.  Phil's family (aka my sister in law, nephews and niece!) were supporting Phil and the motorwind on the Nikon camera was working well...!  Phil's family shots of the day including a photo of one of my more pleasurable pints are here on his Flickr page

Click on that bridge thingie just behind Phil.
Phil Haygarth's 3 Peaks 2010


cadence works said...

great the way you bring all the 3 peaks stuff together .... see http://www.nortonwheelers.co.uk/ for my write up and random references to fellow norton wheelers, who they think put the first female team round this year!
karl hallam

Dave Haygarth said...

Thanks - I already blogged Karl's blog on here - well done to the women's team!