28 September 2011

Nic Bertrand's first time - will it be the last?

Nic's a dedicated road man and based in Lancaster he's seen enough of those three cheeky mountains in his life, but his first event was a toil.  His account on his blog seems to rebuiff the inevitable suction that this event has.  Nic will be on the start line of the 2012 event - we all know it, it's just that Nic wouldn't admit it until yet... that took a good 48 hours!  Welcome to the addiction, Nic.
Difficult to comprehend this race really. It's unique. Did I enjoy myself? mmm... I'd say enjoyment is a strong word. It was an interesting journey in discovering new sets of aching muscles. The question is will I do it again? most definitely. I am eating my words as I was adamant that it would be a one-off.

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The Haygarth Family said...

Nic. A great blog post and a great first time. It was a hard year please don't be put off..... It's simply a brilliant event. Maybe get out off road training next year?