29 August 2012

1996 Results

Bit of a jump from 1982 ones typed up by Phil Webster - but Phil has now typed up his last 'hard copy' results from the 3 Peaks... the 1996 race.

Andy Peace was the second 'pure' fell runner to win the race after Ian Ferguson a few years before. It was a close margin to another up and coming fell runner Rob Jebb, who was to have his day (again and again!)

It was my second attempt at the 3 peaks and I remember it well - a rainy day with a lot of filth.  Brakes wore down, and so did riders. Still - I beat Lewis Craven and Dave Collins - that doesn't happen much!!. 

See the 1996 results here

If anyone else has any results they fancy typing up of a wet evening, then please do - before they're lost forever!

24 August 2012

1982 Results

The results of the 22nd 3 Peaks Cyclocross in 1982 have just been typed up lovingly by Phil Webster

It was the year when Great Britain just beat Switzerland, the Bronte Wheelers' good run came to an end, and there was a classy Swiss or two again as in 1981, but Eric Stone took victory by a lean minute and a half.

Results here

Survivor's 'Eye of the Tiger' was number one that week, too.  Tough, fighty stuff. Very appropriate. 

14 August 2012

1981 Results

The 21st 3 Peaks Cyclocross from 1981 was a memorable year - Swiss riders in the 1st and 2nd positions followed closely by legend John North. Results have again been painstakingly typed up by Phil Webster here.

We're not sure who the mystery 80th place rider was. It's just blank on the sheet apart from the time.
It was future winner Ian Ferguson's first attempt and it hardly stopped raining and the hail showers kept all the riders very cool.  That was the year "Flying Scotsman" Graeme Obree abandoned lost on Ingleborough and was rescued.  As Phil says. "What don't kill you makes you stronger"