30 September 2012

Neil Coverley's photos on Facebook

Neil's posted some great Facebook Pics - but somehow managed to miss me taking my first fall of two today - right in front of him.  Yayy!  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4136045533803.152852.1663551424&type=1

Ed Rollason photography's Photo essay of the 2012 race

Ed's been out braving an expensive camera in the rain

Here's his blog, plus a link to photos here

Many riders running with broken bikes and flat tyres, sprinting down the slope to find their helpers, huddled against the wind with a pile of spare wheels for their rider and a flask of hot tea to keep them alive.
If that sounds hard, then this year added in horizontal rain and a fierce side wind in which it was hard to stand upright…

28 September 2012

Greg May go under 4 hrs (... or May not)

Once again from over the Irish Sea comes Greg to hammer himself like a good in on the 'peaks

"In reality the race will break me. It always has, it always will. The ability to sneak under 4 hours may be possible, but recent weather may lead to a slower course. The same for everyone, no point in worrying about it, if I can’t control it I will move past it."

Read it here

Steve Riley: I've done my best, it'll do. It'll have to do.

Steve Riley's up from Cheshire in the south again for another crack at the 3 Peaks.  He's written a blog post to prove he's better prepared than last year (yeah?  ya think??)
I'm not sure how prepared I am. I'm not sure how prepared anyone can be for this hideous, beautiful monster of an event. Last year I felt exposed with a basic lack of fitness. Consistently outpaced and dropped on the road, consistently picking off places on the climbs with my big, hairy fell runner's legs. So I've done a few more longer rides. Not many though.
Have a good one Steve. See you Sunday.

Harder than Childbirth

Lisa said that after last year.  Not me.  She said it.  I wouldn't dare.

This year, she looks forward - 2 sleeps away - to a second ride with the advantage of knowing what's what.

Looking back, I was under prepared. In fairness, I think there’s very little that can prepare you for the first time but I’d just completed my first half ironman (which I didn’t really train specifically for as my A race that year was an Olympic) and only had about two weeks of specific training.

Newbie Tom '24' Hill shares his thoughts before his first race

24 Hour MTB man Tom Hill (Garage Bikes) has shared his thoughts and bewilderment on the Kinesis Bikes website - and, of course, lovely bike porn pics of his newly built machine


My personal target for the race is to get round, with no crashes, no mechanicals and that beautiful mix of experiencing pain with a big grin on my face. If I happen to fall across the line in under 4 hours, then I’ll be over the moon. If I don’t, then I guess I’ll just have to try again next year!

Craven Herald Preview for 2012

The local paper - the Craven Herald & Pioneer - has published a preview for the 2012 race here

All past champions are expected to be in attendance for this special occasion including four – Fred Salmon, Andy Peace (the first man to win the Three peaks running race and cyclo-cross in the same year, who is an eight- times previous winner and course-record holder), Rob Jebb and defending champion, Nicky Craig – who feature among the maximum entry of 700. 

27 September 2012

3 Peaks bike hacked!

Hackers everywhere these days, eh?   Vin Cox, who you may remember for such things as being in the Guinness Book of Records and for being the first person to take an on board camera round the 3 Peaks a few years ago, has now built a very didicated bike for this year's event, included some wonderfully hacked electronic gear system


Hack tips>

History and roots article in upcoming issue of 'Rouleur'

In a great extract from the upcoming issue 34 of Rouleur Magazine, Claire Read has prepared what promises to be a gem of an article.  Sell your house to buy Rouleur this month - it'll probably be worth it.
"...for the first year at least, concerns of a mass of riders disturbing the peace of the Peaks were unfounded (though even then John had slightly underestimated – 35 competitors lined up rather than 30). One of those at the start line on Sunday 1 October, 1961, was a Martin ‘Ginger’ Garwood. A 27-year-old plumber, he hailed from Clapham in London and had made a 480 mile round trip to compete."

Read the extract here

26 September 2012

My own 2012 preview thoughts: Vengeance

My own thoughts on various things in the run-up to this year's race just imparted on my blog, along with a bit of info on the lovely bikes I'll be riding this year.

It'll be my come back year I dearly hope.  My personal worst last year means that at least I have my sights aimed relatively high :-)

Four sleeps left.

2012 Preview on British Cycling site

Great preview on the British Cycling website here

Behind every great race, there is a great man and for the 3 Peaks it has only ever been John Rawnsley. Now in his 75th year, John is going out with a big bang as he completes 50 versions of the iconic event that at 38 miles saps the legs of even the world class athletes that take it on.